Outdoor Polymer Systems

Outdoor Polymers Systems, Inc. (OPS), a Texas corporation, specializes in manufacturing outdoor kitchens ("islands") that are superior to the typical "sticks and bricks" units on the market.  This is accomplished through the utilization of hi-tech materials and processes in our modular UniShell® Enclosure system.  This system allows OPS to easily create designs for virtually any pre-existing site condition, along with anything that might be dreamed or visualized by a customer.  Our products are designed and fabricated using automated computer numeric code (CNC) equipment to meet exacting specifications and minimal tolerances.

All materials used in our products are EPA-safe and classified as non-volatile organic compounds.

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Please contact us with any questions at one of our locations.!
Winnsboro, LA  318 435-6190
Monroe, LA    318 324-8884

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