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Cordill Propane at "Hot August Night"

Cordill Propane supports Historic Downtown Winnsboro:
Joey and Brandi Cordill prepared crepes with a ricotta, cream cheese and honey filling topped with a triple berry sauce at "Hot August Night" - a fundraiser for Winnsboro's historic downtown area. 

Farm Safety Day

May 14 2010.
Farm Safety Day is a national program to promote safety around the farm to children in the fifth grade.  Joey Cordill and Wes Anders from Cordill Propane of Winnsboro gave hands-on demonstrations to nearly 500 fifth graders from Franklin

Cordill Propane Service Pre-Buy Program

Propane Exceptional Energy
Cordill Propane Exceptional Service
435-6190 Winnsboro / 324-8884 Hwy 165N Monroe


Dear Valued Customers;

This letter is to let you know that we will be offering our pre-buy program again this year.    Prices went up quite a bit this past winter but have fortunately come back down. However, we have not seen the low levels of last summer. Will prices go lower, or will they go up from here? Who knows? I certainly do not pretend to know.   It does seem that committing to the pre-buy program year after year has been a very good decision. The pre-buy program can certainly give you peace of mind, because you do not have to worry about what prices do this winter. Your price will be set!

Painted Propane Tanks

This is a propane tank painted by our customer Carolyn Thomas of Winnsboro.  The flower "petals" are the hand prints of her grand children.   If you would like to paint your tank like this please call to discuss which colors are safe and legal to use.

Vancouver's Green Olympics

We're not trying to be dinosaurs, but we had to chuckle that fossil fuels from Calgary have helped to bail out Vancouver's "Green Olympics." After two consecutive days of problems with an eco-friendly Olympia electric ice resurfacing machine at the Richmond speedskating oval, a propane-powered Zamboni was trucked in from Calgary's Olympic Oval and Winsport, to save the day.

Winter Storm hits North Louisiana

"North Louisiana received a rare February snow storm and Cordill Propane was working right through the storm to keep people warm.  We even had Joe out shoveling snow on the parking lot."

Cordill Propane nominated October Business of the Month

Photo by Monica Huff

Cordill Propane in Winnsboro has been selected as “Business of the Month” by the Winnsboro-Franklin Chamber of Commerce.

Cordill Propane was opened in 1962 by Charlie and Sue Cordill, and has been operating continuously in Franklin Parish since that time, and in recent years has expanded its operation to Monroe.

Joe Cordill Elected Chairman of NPGA

NPGA Elects Joe Cordill as Chairman

Cordill Propane President Assumes Top Leadership Post

For National Energy Association

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The National Propane Gas Association announced that Joe Cordill of Winnsboro, Louisiana, was elected as the new association Chairman at NPGA’s summer Board of Directors meeting held June 8, 2009 in Washington, D.C.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions at one of our locations.!
Winnsboro, LA  318 435-6190
Monroe, LA    318 324-8884

TV Commercial

Cordill Propane recently produced a TV commercial for local TV.   View our TV Commercial and learn more about Cordill Propane and our history. Click to View 

About Propane - Characteristics, Properties and Combustion

Propane is a liquefied petroleum gas that comes out of both oil and gas wells. Propane does not occur naturally though. Raw crude oil or raw natural gas is refined to make different types of petroleum products, one of which is propane. Following it's refinement, propane is stored as a liquid under pressure until utilized, at which point it becomes a gas. for! Learn More