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Dear Valued Customers;

This letter is to let you know that we will be offering our pre-buy program again this year.    Prices went up quite a bit this past winter but have fortunately come back down. However, we have not seen the low levels of last summer. Will prices go lower, or will they go up from here? Who knows? I certainly do not pretend to know.   It does seem that committing to the pre-buy program year after year has been a very good decision. The pre-buy program can certainly give you peace of mind, because you do not have to worry about what prices do this winter. Your price will be set!

If you have not taken advantage of the pre-buy program in the past, let me give a brief explanation of how it works. This is a pre-buy plan. You come in or call, and we will help you determine the number of gallons you need to commit to for the upcoming fall /winter period: October thru March. We will then multiply your gallons by the pre-buy price to come up with a total cost. That figure will then be divided in monthly payments that must be completed by November 5th. (You will be given a copy of these figures on the contract that you must sign)   We want to give you the most time possible, so your monthly payments will be lower. For example, if you make your first payment in June, you will be able to split your total cost into six monthly payments.

We only have a limited number of gallons allocated for this program. Therefore, when the gallons are spoken for the program will have to be ended. We will do our best to keep the enrollment period open until August 15th but that is not a guarantee.   

A new source of information on the pre-buy program and our other services is our website A file containing the contract can be downloaded and mailed to us. Just give us a call for help with the gallon amounts and payment prices to accurately fill out your contract.

Thank You

Joey Cordill

SAFETY REMINDER: Louisiana law requires that you notify your propane supplier within five days or before your next delivery of fuel if you make any modifications or additions to your gas system. So, if you change out a gas appliance, you add any piping, or change any part of your gas system, it is your responsibility to notify your propane supplier so the system can be tested. I also invite you to look at the back of the ticket you get with each delivery. There are very good instuctions on what to do if you suspect a propane leak or emergency.

And as always if you have any questions or concerns about your propane system please call us for information or to request an inspection.

Tax Credits and Rebate program:   If you are reading this letter and still have an electric water heater, please call us to discuss the energy savings, endless hot water, and two programs available to help you pay to convert to a propane tankless water heater from Rinnai.


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