Cordill Propane nominated October Business of the Month

Photo by Monica Huff

Cordill Propane in Winnsboro has been selected as “Business of the Month” by the Winnsboro-Franklin Chamber of Commerce.

Cordill Propane was opened in 1962 by Charlie and Sue Cordill, and has been operating continuously in Franklin Parish since that time, and in recent years has expanded its operation to Monroe.

The locations are managed by Joey Cordill in Winnsboro and Bryan Cordill in Monroe, who are the sons of Cordill Propane President Joe Cordill, the second generation to run the family business.

“Our dad is on ‘loan’ for a year to the National Propane Gas Association,” said Joey. “He is the first person in Louisiana to ever serve as Chairman of our national trade organization.”

According to Joey Cordill, the primary focus of Cordill Propane remains much as it was when the company was founded, and that’s meeting the needs of homeowners throughout northeast Louisiana.

“Our bread-and-butter is delivering propane to families to heat their homes, cook their meals, and keep their water nice and hot,” he said. “We take very seriously the trust placed in us by our customers when they put their family’s comfort and safety in our hands.”

Like any business, however, Cordill Propane has adapted to the changing conditions brought about by technology.

“If you want to survive in the marketplace, you’ve got to be willing to adapt to the changing conditions,” Joey Cordill said. “One way we have done that is to become more involved with the products that use gas, such as tankless water heaters. 

“We have taken very seriously our claim of being the ‘gas experts’ and continue to stay informed on the very latest technologies and methods,” he added.

Cordill Propane has also expanded its appliance offerings over the years, and now carry a full range of gas and electric appliances by manufacturers such as Frigidaire, Samsung, DCS, and Viking. They also service what they sell and, according to Joey Cordill, “haven’t given in to the business model of the ‘big box’ discounters that service doesn’t matter.”

“We have the expertise to help with projects as large as new construction to as small as replacing a washing machine,” he added, noting that a new and exciting service now being offered is outdoor kitchen design. 

“You let us know how much space you have to work with and we can help you design and equip your dream outdoor living space,” he said.

Like any business, the owners of Cordill Propane know that all of the great products in the world would not matter if it were not for the people they employ.

“The Cordill family has been blessed over the years to have wonderful employees,” he said. “Any success that we have been able to attain is strictly due to our employees. They are knowledgeable, conscientious, and dedicated, and most have been with us for a long time and personally know their customers and their needs.”

“We hope to continue to be a part of what makes Franklin Parish so great for many years to come.”

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