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Bill Shook, a legend in copper sculpture and design, is one of the few remaining craftsman blending the beauty of copper with the magnetism of the flame. After perfecting the techniques that insure quality and safety, Bill Shook started Legendary Lighting. "The key to success has been absolutely maintaining the highest quality possible while adhering to the strictest safety standards," says Bill Shook. Legendary Lighting's distinctive designs are assembled with pride by each craftsmen the company employs in its' Flowood, Mississippi production facility.

At Legendary Lighting, all lanterns are hand crafted and tested before they leave the factory to ensure the highest safety standards. Natural gas and propane gas lanterns are C.S.A. Certified to comply with ANSI Standard Z21.42 for indoor or outdoor use. All electric lanterns are also C.S.A. approved.

Legendary Lighting’s sister company, Copper Sculptures, Inc. offers the elegance of period lanterns with contemporary designs. Each lantern is handcrafted with pride and built only of solid copper with no lead to melt. Please take a look at the HGTV Modern Masters video link featured on this page( high quality video or video for dial-up users ); the video is a more in depth look at Bill Shook and his beautiful timeless copper creations. Also, feel free to visit the Copper Sculptures, Inc. website at www.coppersculptures.com.

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