About Bryan Cordill

Bryan was born in Lafayette LA, and lived there until moving overseas while his father Joe worked in the oil industry. After moving back to Winnsboro, Bryan was active in athletics, played in the school bands, and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Upon graduation from Winnsboro High School Bryan enrolled at Louisiana Tech University. In 1994 he earned a degree in General Studies with emphasis in management and social sciences. After working for The Foot Locker in there management training program Bryan returned to Louisiana Tech and in 1997 earned a Masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 
After nearly two years of working as an underwriter for State Farm Insurance, Bryan returned to work for Cordill Propane in the Blue Rhino Cylinder Exchange division. While helping to grow and manage that part of the company Bryan was elected to serve on the Blue Rhino Distributors Council, representing other independent distributors on that council. After the sale of that part of our business Bryan worked to build our Monroe location and typically works out of that office today. 
Bryan is especially proud of the growth we have been able to experience in the Monroe market. We have been able to grow our customer base not by taking customers from other companies, but by developing relationships with customers who had not previously used propane in their homes. The location has grown, and now includes a high performance kitchen showroom that is a testament to the customer requests in the Monroe marketplace.
Bryan serves as the Legislative Affairs Chairman of the Louisiana Propane Gas Association. And was named the Dealer of the Year for 2009 for that association. He is married to Leigh, and they are expecting their first child. Bryan and Leigh live active lives participating in road running races and triathlons, as well as riding in one day cycling tours. They are active members of First Baptist Church in West Monroe. Bryan participates in several civic organizations, and serves as the Vice President of Development for the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council.

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